Chevrotain supports backtracking to resolve ambiguities. Backtracking means fully trying an alternative instead of using a fixed token lookahead, this is similar to a DFS versus a BFS.

Backtracking is not automatic and must be explicitly invoked. This is because it is inefficient and is mutually exclusive with error recovery. It is strongly recommended to avoid using backtracking if possible.

Backtracking is implemented by using Gatesopen in new window

For example, given the following grammar which is not LL(K), as both the alternatives in "statement" have a potentially infinitely long common prefix.

   longRule1 |
   longRule2 |

   A+ B

   A+ C

We can resolve the ambiguity by using backtracking, effectively fully trying out the alternatives (in order) instead of trying to choose one using a limited token lookahead.

$.RULE("statement", () => {
      GATE: $.BACKTRACK($.longRule1),
      ALT: () => $.SUBRULE($.longRule1),
      GATE: $.BACKTRACK($.longRule2),
      ALT: () => $.SUBRULE($.longRule2),

See executable exampleopen in new window for further details.