Interface OrMethodOpts<T>

Type Parameters

  • T


  • OrMethodOpts


DEF: IOrAlt<T>[]

The set of alternatives, See detailed description in OR

ERR_MSG?: string

A description for the alternatives used in error messages If none is provided, the error message will include the names of the expected Tokens sequences which may start each alternative.


A Flag indicating that all ambiguities in this alternation should be ignored.

This flag should only be used in rare circumstances, As normally alternation ambiguities should be resolved in other ways:

  • Re-ordering the alternatives.
  • Re-factoring the grammar to extract common prefixes before alternation.
  • Using gates GATE to implement custom lookahead logic.
  • Using the more granular IGNORE_AMBIGUITIES on a specific alternative.

Maximum number of "following tokens" which would be used to Choose between the alternatives.

By default this value is determined by the maxLookahead value. A Higher value may be used for a specific DSL method to resolve ambiguities And a lower value may be used to resolve slow initialization times issues.

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