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Interface IParserConfig


  • IParserConfig



Optional dynamicTokensEnabled

dynamicTokensEnabled: boolean

Enable This Flag to to support Dynamically defined Tokens. This will disable performance optimizations which cannot work if the whole Token vocabulary is not known During Parser initialization.

Optional errorMessageProvider

errorMessageProvider: IParserErrorMessageProvider

A custom error message provider. Can be used to override the default error messages. For example:

  • Translating the error messages to a different languages.
  • Changing the formatting
  • Providing special error messages under certain conditions - missing semicolons

Optional ignoredIssues

ignoredIssues: IgnoredParserIssues

Used to mark parser definition errors that should be ignored. For example:

{ myCustomRule : { OR3 : true },

myOtherRule : { OPTION1 : true, OR4 : true } }

Be careful when ignoring errors, they are usually there for a reason :).

Optional maxLookahead

maxLookahead: number

Maximum number of tokens the parser will use to choose between alternatives.

Optional outputCst

outputCst: boolean

Enable automatic Concrete Syntax Tree creation For in-depth docs: https://github.com/SAP/chevrotain/blob/master/docs/02_Deep_Dive/concrete_syntax_tree.md

Optional recoveryEnabled

recoveryEnabled: boolean

Is the error recovery / fault tolerance of the Chevrotain Parser enabled.

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