Function tokenMatcher

  • A Utility method to check if a token is of the type of the argument Token class. This utility is needed because Chevrotain tokens support "categories" which means A TokenType may have multiple categories.

    This means a simple comparison using the tokenType property may not suffice. For example:

      import { createToken, tokenMatcher, Lexer } from "chevrotain"

    // An "abstract" Token used only for categorization purposes.
    const NumberTokType = createToken({ name: "NumberTokType", pattern: Lexer.NA })

    const IntegerTokType = createToken({
    name: "IntegerTokType",
    pattern: /\d+/,
    // Integer "Is A" Number
    categories: [NumberTokType]

    const DecimalTokType = createToken({
    name: "DecimalTokType",
    pattern: /\d+\.\d+/,
    // Double "Is A" Number
    categories: [NumberTokType]

    // Will always be false as the tokenType property can only
    // be Integer or Double Token Types as the Number TokenType is "abstract".
    if (myToken.tokenType === NumberTokType) { /* ... */ }

    // Will be true when myToken is of Type Integer or Double.
    // Because the hierarchy defined by the categories is taken into account.
    if (tokenMatcher(myToken, NumberTokType) { /* ... */ }


    true iff the token matches the TokenType.


    Returns boolean

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